About Us


To make daily commuting
effortless, speedy, eco-friendly,
and fun .


To make high quality
e-bikes accessible to all


Joy, Diversity, Community,
Sustainability .

At The Beginning

Our mission was started in 2008 when we finished the production of the first e-trike.

At the beginning, we don’t know how the e-trike will help person around the world, just manufactured electric tricycle day by day for different customers from different countries.

Some of them use it as a electric cargo bike, go shopping or have a great day with their pets. And some of them do exercise by riding as they are lacking in balance.

Everything Was Changed During The COVID

Tetiana Vasiukova

One of the volunteers in eastern Ukraine

But everything was changed during the COVID, once we got news from Ukraine, UNHCR used funding from European Union purchased 228 bicycles and 35 e-trikes from a local distributor.

Tetiana Vasiukova, one of the volunteers in eastern Ukraine where the conflict has already put 3.4 million people in need of protection and assistance.

She said: “Many people can’t come and take care of their land plots, houses are slowly collapsing and there are weeds in every second plot. But every morning, I switch on my electric tricycle and I feel better because I know I can make this place better by helping people.”

view more details of Tetiana’s story

Keep Balance, Keep Moving

After that, we realized that we could do it better than Tetiana Vasiukova, and we could help more people in different areas. E-trike is not only a transportation, but also a carrier of love. KEEP BALANCE, KEEP MOVING. That’s the truly meaning of our mission.