Electric Tricycle & Bicycle

Where is the key lock?
The key lock is on the battery, and the battery is under the rear basket.
What do you do when the battery dies? Buy a new trike?
I plug it in and recharge it before it gets low. That is best for lithium-ion batteries.
Is this bike stable enough for seniors?
Yes, it's extremely stable. Though, you should hold down the brake or lock the e-bike while mounting the bike so it doesn't roll.
Does it have a brake light?
Yes, this e-trike has a brake light function.
What is the size of the rear basket?
The size is 19” x 10” x 15”. And each trike has a waterproof bag for the rear basket.
Is the rear basket frame removable?
I lost the charger for this bike. Where can I purchase a new one?
Contact the manufacturer to be certain of getting exactly the right charger because the battery is very expensive
What size person will it fit?
This electric trike is suitable for those 5'3" to 6'3" in height. Also, the lowest saddle height is 32", which you can compare with your leg length.
Does this trike have a speed control in electric mode, or is it just 'on' or 'off'?
Yes, this trike has 9 levels of pedal assistance. Can be controlled by “+” and “-“ buttons.
What is the price in the US of a spare battery
It’s around $500 per unit. But we do not sell separate batteries at this moment.
Who is the battery manufacturer? Heard some batteries are catching on fire.
As long as you charge this 48-volt battery correctly you should not have a “FIRE” issue!
How is this bike going up a hill? How steep a hill do you think it can handle without dying?
I shift into a lower gear (4 or 5) on some hills but usually end up in 7th gear by the time I get to the top. My driveway is over a 20% grade so I do that 40 feet up in 1st gear. (That's 8 feet of rise in 40 feet.) The trike is meaty (125 lbs) and I'm 245 lbs but I go right up the hills.
What kind of suspension does this bike have, and is it comfortable?
It's a front hydraulic suspension with mechanical locking.
Can you use this bike to travel hilly terrain?
Most Certainly & the Beaches ALSO!! Matter of fact, this type of bike operates better in those conditions than on firm Streets. It rides better and I think handles better in the rougher terrain. There is plenty of Power and You will be happy with it, I’m thrilled with Mine.
Does this bike have the built-in mounting for a water bottle holder or will I have to use clamps or vehicle straps?
Does not have a built-in mount, could be put in the front basket.
Can the saddle be replaced by a larger one?
It's an oversized saddle, if you want to replace the bigger one, yes, you can.
Is the 750w rating for the motor continuous or peak?
It’s continuous power.
Does this have a parking brake so it won't roll on inclines
Yes, it has 2 sets of parking brake levers.
How do you transport this bike from your home to any location such as beaches, parks, or campgrounds?
We load our bike in the back of our jeep wrangler.
what is the width of the seat post?
The width of the seat post is 28.6
Can this trike be used for deer hunting?
As long as you have a trail wide enough for the trike to fit, I guess you could. I prefer to ride on a level surface myself to avoid tipping. It won't go over fallen trees and through the brush like a 4-wheeler. As far as shooting while sitting on the trike you'd have to talk to the DNR.
What is the Maximum weight it can handle?
It’s around 330 lbs including the rider’s weight.
How fast do they go And how far do they go on a charge
The max speed can be 20MPH, and the range per charge is 45 miles by the throttle and 55+ miles by PAS.
What is the weight of the bike after assembly?
Totally weight of this electric tricycle is 124 lbs after assembly.
Can the seat be changed into a seat with a backrest?
Yes, it’s can be changed. But you may need to purchase it separately or contact our service team after you purchase the bike.
Can it be used on sidewalks and trails and does it need to be used on highways?
It’s do not need to be used on the highway, but you can use it on sidewalks and trails, or beach and snow. But it’s would be best to check your state's law before a test ride.
What is the distance from the lowest seat to the fully extended pedal?
It's about 29 inches.
Does it come fully assembled?
We have the fully assembled video for our customers to reference, please check it on this listing. But if you hope it is fully assembled, we have that service.

Warranty, Returns and Shipping

What is the warranty on the bike?
The free warranty of this trike is 12 months, starting from the date you purchase. During the warranty time, we will provide free parts to fix your bike if you need them.
Who makes the motor and what’s the warranty time
This 3-wheel electric bike is equipped with a BAFANG 750-watt motor. And 12 months warranty time.
Is this item returnable up to a certain time frame?
All the DWMEIGI electric bike is returnable according to the quality problem or the shipping problem.
If there is a problem with the bike and it has to be returned who pays the shipping
Pretty sure the shipper pays all shipping to send it back for repair or warranty and if it's out of warranty you will have to pay return shipping also unless you have additional services beyond warranty. But you will have to pay the shipping to send it anywhere.

Installation Video